Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturers

MODEL NV15 NV35 NV45 NV60 NV85
Screw Diameter (mm) 25 32 32 36 40
Injection Pressure (kg/cm2) 1098 1107 1195 1312 1492
Shot Size (cm3) 49 93 104 132 176
Shot Weight (PS) (g) 44 85 96 122 164
Injection Rate (g/s) 30 62 87 121 100
Injection Stroke (mm) 100 116 120 140 160
No. of Thermocouple 3 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1
Clamping Force (tons) 15 35 45 55 85
Platen Size (mm) 390*250 500*340 545*400 595*475 680*545
Space Between Tie-Bar (mm) 275*135 360*200 410*250 460*330 510*360
Min. Mould Height (mm) 80-140 60-145 150-200 180-300 230-330
Opening Stroke (mm) 160 215 200 200 250
Max. Open Day Light (mm) 300 275-360 350-400 380-500 480-580
Ejector Force (tons) 1.3 1.3 2.7 2.7 4.6
Ejector Stroke (mm) 40 35 40 40 50
Max. Pump Pressure (kg/cm2) 140 140 140 140 140
Oil Reservoir Capacity (Ltr) 80 180 200 220 310
Pump Motor Power (KW) 4(4) (4) 5.5 7.5 11
Heating Power (KW) 2 2.4 4.75 5.55 5.95
Total Power (KW) 6 6.4 10.25 13.05 16.95
Machine Weight (tons) 0.89 1.4 2.3 2.8 3.6
Machine Size (m) 1.3*0.8*2.1 1.5*0.9*2.3 1.7*1.3*2.7 1.8*1.4*3.0 2.0*1.5*3.4

Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturers

Currently, the plastic industry is scaling up its production to supply a large variety of plastic parts and products. Every thermoplastic industry requires injection molding machines to manufacture these parts in huge quantities with optimum quality. At Neelgiri Machinery Global Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture highly reliable and supreme quality injection moulding machines. We have been serving the plastic industry for over 10 years and have become one of the leading injection moulding machine manufacturers.

We are specialized in designing and manufacturing injection moulding machines for multiple industries. With the help of our manufacturing experts, we are producing world-class and highly-efficient injection moulding machines. The use of modern technology, optimum quality components, and high precision have made us deliver excellent quality injection moulding machines. All our injection moulding machines come with high-speed hydraulic pumps that offer smooth functioning and production without much noise. It has made us one of India and Nepal’s leading injection moulding machine manufacturers.

At Neelgiri Machinery Global Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture injection moulding machines suitable for small and large production units. To help our clients manufacture renewable and precise parts in large quantities, we configure the latest technology in these machines. We give value for money by producing and supplying low-maintenance and energy-efficient injection moulding machines at cost-effective prices. Our injection moulding machines are highly durable and suitable for several applications.

Some of the industries that use injection moulding machines are:

  • Plastic Toys industry
  • Plumbing Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Consumer Products Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Packaging Industry

Why choose us?

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, which makes us the first choice of our clients. As one of the best and certified injection moulding machine manufacturers in India, we strictly follow industry standards in manufacturing these machines. At Neelgiri Machinery Global Pvt. Ltd., we use the finest quality raw materials and machinery components, upgraded technology, and the best configurations to manufacture the best injection moulding machines. With the help of our dedicated quality team, we test every single machine before its delivery. Our manufacturing experts and quality team take utmost care in manufacturing injection moulding machines that match our clients’ parameters.

Connect with our team to get both standard and customized injection moulding machines. We promise to deliver these machines on time and at market-friendly prices.


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