NX Series Features

  • Robust and Reliable 5 point twin-toggle mechanism

  • Rugged clamp mechanism

  • Low platen deflection and better mould life

  • Highly energy efficient advanced Servo/VDP system

  • Better injection performance

  • Sub-flighted Screw for better melt homogeneity

  • Advance control system

  • Statistical process contol

  • Highly effcient plate type oil cooler

  • Quick reponse

  • Lower dry cycle time

  • Low noise and vibration

  • Larger daylight and longer opening storke

  • Wide and rigid clamping platens to accommodate large size moulds

  • Unique mould height adjustment

  • Lesser oil requirement

Features & Options

Injection Unit

  • Double cylinder balance for injection structure insures the injection base moves in parallel

  • Four-stage setting for injection speed, pressure and screw speed

  • Three-stage setting for pressure holding/material charging speed, pressure, and position

  • Injection position monitoring function

  • Injection position scale control

  • Automatic material cleaning function

  • Three option mode for suck back

  • Anti skid aluminum patterned cover

  • The temperature of barrel is controlled by computer PID

  • Ceramic heating device of barrel

  • Cooling temperature control system for  barrel outlet

  • The back pressure adjusting function of stored material

  • Micro adjusting device of nozzle aiming

  • Screw speed detection

  • Modular selection of injection units.

  • Screw speed input in %

  • Injection speed input in mm/s

  • Nozzle guard with electrical interlock for operator safety

Injection Unit

Clamping Unit

  • Digital four stage control for prreseure , speed, position of mould opening and closing.

  • water manifold

  • Automatic centralized lubrication system

  • High speed mould clamping function.

  • Special treated tie bar with reliable strength.

  • Opening/closing mould, ijection position controlled by scale.

  • Automatic mould adjustment

  • Computer optimized 5-point twin toggle system, for fast, smooth platen movement and even distribution of clamp force

  • Toggle bushing grease lubricated automatically : lubrication signals computer optimised under adaptive control

Clamping Unit
  • Motorised mould height adjustment through sun & planetry gear mechanism

  • Low pressure mould safety

  • Low pressure and slow speed circuit for mould set up

  • Central hydraulic Ejector with multiple Stroke feature

  • Pressure and speed Independentally set in both directions

  • Ejector speed programmable in 2 stage

  • Central ejector rod

  • Hydraulic and electrical interlocks for safety gates

  • Mecganical drop bar for safety

  • Chrome plated tie bars

Electric Unit

  • Pre-setting of technical parameters

  • Electric interface of robot

  • Protection lock for parameter resource

  • 10 inch Large-scale color LCD screen

  • The memory of mould in computer can reach 99 groups

  • Live detection to show running condition of each motion

  • Abnormal fuctional alarm system

  • Motor safe protection device

  • Systematic hardware I/O test fuction

  • 3 Perparatory power pulgs for out supply power

  • Emergent stop protection function

  • Electric appliance and hardware inter-ware interlock protection function

  • Quality monitoring

  • Down time log

  • Set of electrical power outlets 3-ph 1*16A, 1Ph 1*10A

  • Process data statics-graphical display

  • Processing alarm

  • Diagnostic function-alarm help menu

  • LAN port for machine networking

  • Multi-level password function

Hydraulic Unit

Hydraulic Unit
  • Servo Pump system of high-Performance

  • Low noise hydraulic control system

  • Oil temperature deviation alarm system

  • Oil temperature pre-heating function

  • Tank oil level indicator

  • Oil filter core jam alam function

  • Hydraulic oil cooling device

  • Self-sealing oil filter of tank

Optional Setting

  • Special screw for special material

  • Mould temperature controller

  • Ejection during mould opening device

  • Multi-group core-pulling device

  • Insulation board of platen

  • Glass tube flow meter

  • Auto loader

  • Automatic safe door device

  • High precision by pass filter system

  • Proportional back  pressure adjusting device

  • PQ closed-loop control

  • GSM connectivity for remote monitoring of machine status

  • Rebot interface as per JIS

Optional Setting


Injection Moulding Machine


Auxiliary Equipments