Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Technical Parameters

MODEL NV15 NV35 NV45 NV60 NV85
Screw Diameter (mm) 25 32 32 36 40
Injection Pressure (kg/cm2) 1098 1107 1195 1312 1492
Shot Size (cm3) 49 93 104 132 176
Shot Weight (PS) (g) 44 85 96 122 164
Injection Rate (g/s) 30 62 87 121 100
Injection Stroke (mm) 100 116 120 140 160
No. of Thermocouple 3 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1
Clamping Force (tons) 15 35 45 55 85
Platen Size (mm) 390*250 500*340 545*400 595*475 680*545
Space Between Tie-Bar (mm) 275*135 360*200 410*250 460*330 510*360
Min. Mould Height (mm) 80-140 60-145 150-200 180-300 230-330
Opening Stroke (mm) 160 215 200 200 250
Max. Open Day Light (mm) 300 275-360 350-400 380-500 480-580
Ejector Force (tons) 1.3 1.3 2.7 2.7 4.6
Ejector Stroke (mm) 40 35 40 40 50
Max. Pump Pressure (kg/cm2) 140 140 140 140 140
Oil Reservoir Capacity (Ltr) 80 180 200 220 310
Pump Motor Power (KW) 4(4) (4) 5.5 7.5 11
Heating Power (KW) 2 2.4 4.75 5.55 5.95
Total Power (KW) 6 6.4 10.25 13.05 16.95
Machine Weight (tons) 0.89 1.4 2.3 2.8 3.6
Machine Size (m) 1.3*0.8*2.1 1.5*0.9*2.3 1.7*1.3*2.7 1.8*1.4*3.0 2.0*1.5*3.4

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